Festival Annual Polish Festival Polish
         For years Polish Festival has been a part of life of St. Maximillian Kolbe Mission. Every year people of San Diego and surrounding cities or even different states are coming to our festival to listen to polish music, admire our folk dancers and... enjoy traditional polish food!

Dinner Polish Dinner
Plate of pierogis, golabki, bigos and sausage.
Polish Sausage Polish Sausages
Pierogi Pierogi
Cabbage or patato & cheese
stuffed pierogi.

Golabki Golabki
Meat Stuffed Cabbage Rolls.
Bigos Bigos
Hunter's stew; Cabbage slowly cooked
with lots of different meats and sausages.
Bigos Patato Pancakes
Flaki Flaki (tripe soup)
Traditional polish spicy meat stew. Name 'Flaki' is derived from its
main ingredient: thin, cleaned tender strips of beef tripe.
Paczki Paczki
Like donuts...only better!
Sernik Sernik
Peach, poppyseed, and traditional cheesecakes
Sernik Jabłecznik
Polish Apple strudel
Sernik Torty
Choclate, heazelnut and frit torte and more!
Cookies Polish Cookies
Too many to name them all!
Chrust Chrust
Delicate polish pastry.
Wata Makowiec
Old fashioned poopyseed roll
Warka Beer Warka Polish Beer
Piwo Tatra Polish Beer
Piwo Łomża Polish Beer
Piwo Perła Polish Beer
Bottled water
Soft Drinks
Coffee and tea

Enjoy! Smacznego!

*** Organizers reserve the right to change menu without notice.