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    We are happy to present some of this year Polish Festival performers.


Polonez Dance Company

Polonez Dance Company was founded in 1989. The group is dedicated to propagating and preserving Polish heritage and culture in Southern California and beyond. It does so by introducing and presenting customs, traditions, cuisine, music, and traditional folk dancing from various regions of Poland.

Visit Polonez website or Facebook page to learn more about this exceptional group.

Krakusy - Polish Folk Dance Ensemble

Dancing their way into the hearts of American and European audiences alike, Krakusy Polish Folk Dance Ensemble based in Los Angeles California has built a reputation as being an ambassador of Polish culture. The energetic Polish dances are presented with colorful costumes and authentic music, captivating diverse audiences.

Please Visit Krakusy website to get to know Krakusy.

Polskie smyki

Polskie smyki is a family of 5 siblings, Adam, Ian, Sophie, Helena, and Celine, ages ranging from 11 to 3 years, who were introduced to play the violin by their mother, a violinist from Poland. All kids are participating in different musical performances in town. In the past, the Union Tribune described their performances as charming. They were hosted at KUSI news as a part of the young artists Symphony. The oldest boys are winners of multiple competitions in both piano and violin. All children speak polish and love going to Poland during the vacation.

Greg & Grace
Nasza Muzyka

Nasza Muzyka

Nasza Muzyka, the Greg & Grace duo's music varies from lively eastern European music (gypsy style) to sentimental French and sweet Italian favorites. This duo's "Songs We Remember" include wide range of songs, many world hits, American standards as well as their own songs - Yes! POLKA too!

Please see this enthusiastic duo on Friday, Saturday and Sunday!
Nasza Muzyka
Kris Wiszniewski

Janusz Supernak & Kris Wiszniewski

Janusz is an Engineering professor at SDSU, and also a singer/songwriter, author of over 40 songs. He recorded two albums that won First Prizes at the “Polish Homelands” festivals in 2006 and 2007. In May, 2012, videos with his songs and photography by his wife, Iga were awarded the First Prize in the Multimedia category at the 27th International Film Festival in Niepokalanow, Poland. Janusz’s song "I Found My Perfect City" was the popular vote winner in the contest for the best song about San Diego. Janusz sings American and European standards as well as his own songs. Janusz is the author of music and lyrics of the 20th Polish Festival theme song “OUR TWENTIETH JUBILEE” (“DWADZIESCIA LAT”).
Kris is a professional musician/keyboard player who for years performed with other musicians in Poland, Germany, and Switzerland. His trio provided musical entertainment at various European cruises for over ten years. He settled down in San Diego a few years ago and now calls this city his home. He regularly performs together with Janusz Supernak.
Janusz Supernak
Our guests will have oportunity to hear Janusz and Kris on Saturday.