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Main attraction of the Polish Festival are always performances by the Polish folk dancers. Over the years we hosted dancers from California, Michigan, Nevada, Arizona. Each year we are glad to present fantastic local group, Polonez Dance Company from San Diego.
Please visit performers profiles page to learn more about this year artists.

Festival Program*

Friday, Oct 12, 2018

5:00pm Opening & welcome greeting
to the XXIII Polish Festival.
5:15pm 'Nasza Muzyka' -
Songs by Greg & Grace
7:00pm Music by Zbigniew Galazka
7:30pm Performance by 'Vinyl Moods'
8:30pm DJ CALBass
11:30pm Closing

Saturday, Oct 13, 2018

2:00pm Opening
2:15pm 'Nasza Muzyka' - Greg & Grace duo
3:45pm Folk Group 'Polonez'
4:45pm St. M. Kolbe Church -
Guided Tour with Veneration of the Relics
5:20pm Janusz Supernak and Kris Wiszniewski
6:35pm Music by Zbigniew Galazka
7:40pm DJ CALBass
11:00pm Closing

Sunday, Oct 14, 2018

12:30pm Opening Ceremony &
The National Anthem of the United States and Poland
12:40pm 'Nasza Muzyka' and 'Polskie Smyki'
1:00pm Polish Folk Dance Group Podhale
1:55pm St. M. Kolbe Church -
Guided Tour with Veneration of the Relics
2:30pm Songs by 'Nasza Muzyka'
3:35pm Krakusy Polish Folk Dance Group
4:30pm Songs by 'Nasza Muzyka'
5:00pm Official Closing

* Organizers reserve the right to change scheduled appearances of listed performers without notice.